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The County Treasurer plays an important role in the lives of Columbiana County residents. The Treasurer has traditionally served as the local tax collector distributing the tax revenue to schools, libraries, parks, fire districts, townships, municipalities and to the Columbiana County government itself.

As tighter budgets and increasing demands have been placed on local government the position of County Treasurer has evolved into an important occupation. Today’s Treasurer serves as the county’s Chief Fiscal Officer. In Columbiana County, over 200 Million dollars in transactions are processed through the Treasurer’s office, annually.

Additionally, the Treasurer serves as the Chief Investment Officer. The Columbiana County Treasurer manages an investment portfolio of more than 60 Million dollars each year. The interest earned on investments provides operating revenue for the county and other departments. Safety of principal and prudent management of public funds is the most important objective of the investment process.

​​The State of Ohio has raised the levels of accountability and qualifications for County Treasurers. Treasurers must obtain a specific number of continuing education hours in governmental accounting and public funds management. In addition, the State of Ohio has increased exponentially the mandatory financial reporting, as well as quarterly and yearly reports of all transactions and investment activities to ensure public funds are protected.

The County Treasurer also serves as the Chairman of the Investment Advisory Board, Member of the Data Processing Board and as a Member of the County Budget Commission.

The County Budget Commission approves the budgets of all governmental entities within the county. Local officials must appear before the commission to explain their anticipated budgets for the forthcoming year and must submit all amendments to appropriations for commission approval.


Chief Deputy: Lisa Brophey
Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Tax Lien Sales​
Phone: 330.424.9514 - Extension: 1406

Controller: Karen Betteridge
Accounting, Investments, Banking Relations​
Phone: 330.424.9514 - Extension 1405​​

Deputy Treasurer/ Cashier: Susan Rohm
Posting, Bank Escrows, Manufactured Homes
Phone: 330.424.9514 - Extension 1401

Deputy Treasurer/Cashier: Vickie Bucher
Tax Installment Plan program professional​​​​​​
Phone: 330.424.9514 - Extension 1402

BookKeeper: Tina Borden

Phone: 330.424.9514 -Extension 1403

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