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Due Dates

First Half Due Date: Friday, February 16, 2024

For Payment of: First Half Real Estate for Tax Year 2022/Pay 2023 First Half Manufactured Home Tax Year 2023/Pay 2023

Second Half Due Date: Friday, July 26, 2024

For Payment of: Second Half Real Estate for Tax Year 2021/Pay 2022 Second Half Manufactured Home Tax Year 2022/Pay 2022

Note: You can still pay your taxes by mail on the due date provided your envelope is postmarked on or before the due date. Penalties 5% Penalty – Payments made within 10 days past the due date. 10% Penalty – Payments made after 10 days past the due date. Delinquent accounts are also assessed interest charges. The Ohio Tax Commissioner establishes the interest rate each year.

In the State of Ohio real property taxes, commonly known as real estate taxes, are taxes levied by any taxing subdivision on a real estate parcel and is based upon value. It is Ohio's oldest tax, beginning in 1825. Levies approved by the voters and applied to property taxes raise additional revenue for taxing subdivisions such as school districts, municipalities, police and fire districts, parks, townships, mental health, mental retardation, children’s services and the cancer clinic.

​​​​​​​​​​​​There are two factors used to establish the amount of taxes you pay:

Number One​
The market value of your property is the primary factor used to determine the amount of taxes you will pay. Every six years the County Auditor retains the services of a professional appraisal company to determine the market value, not the historical cost of your property. This process is called reappraisal.

​Additionally, every three years the Ohio Department of Taxation reviews economic factors and sales of property within your area. An adjustment to property values is made by the County Auditor based upon review. If you believe your property has been appraised incorrectly, you have the right to appeal either through the County Board of Revision, the Ohio Department of Taxation, or through Common Pleas Court. Please contact the County Auditor's office at 330.424.9515 for details regarding this process.​​

Number Two
The second factor that will affect your taxes is at the ballot box. When a levy or additional tax has been approved by the voters, to pay for additional benefits or services within your community, you will see the increase in you real estate bill.

​It is important to note that Columbiana County government is unique in that it does not receive money from real estate tax, except for a .2/mill required to be collected for debt retirement.

A number of years ago, the Commissioners elected to waive the collection of the county's 2 mill real estate tax, in lieu of only collecting sales tax revenue. This action has saved taxpayers money on their real estate bill but places reliance that the voters, in good faith, will continue to support sales tax renewals at the ballot box.

Real Estate tax bills are generally due the first Friday in March and the last Friday in August. The bills are mailed out twice a year, usually in January and July. By law, real estate billings are always a year behind. For example the bills due in 2013 are for tax year 2012.

​​IF YOU PAY YOUR TAXES THROUGH A MORTGAGE COMPANY and you recently paid off your loan please contact our office at 330-424-9514, extension 1401 to be certain the financial institution has provided written notification of the change.

If you recently refinanced with another lender, review all the closing statements carefully. Some lenders do not have the ability to collect tax and insurance with payment. When changes occur the lender must notify us in writing.

If you should be receiving a tax bill and have not, please call our office immediately.

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