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Qualifying Property
1. Owned by a member of the National Guard or a member of a component of the armed forces of the United States who is called to active duty as a result of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, or the directive issued by the Governor on September 28, 2001, or a successor of that directive.

2. Owned by the spouse of such a member.

3. Owned jointly by such member and spouse or dependent parent.

4. Owned by a dependent parent of such a member who dies during such active duty.

Extension of Dates for Payment
1) Applies to taxes/assessments payable during the member’s period of active duty and six months following termination of that duty are delayed until the seventh month after the member’s active duty ends.

2) Allows for a future payment contract covering qualifying taxes and special assessments, with no penalties or interest.

3) If taxes are escrowed with your mortgage payment, a request that monthly mortgage payments be reduced by the amount of escrowed taxes for the period of active service.

Application Process
1) May be completed by the member, spouse or dependent parent upon receipt of military orders calling the member into active duty.

2) Must be completed no later than the last day of the sixth month following termination of active duty.

3) Proof of eligibility must be provided with application (Copy of military orders)

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